Free Credit Report Gambit Letter

Dear Sirs,

This is my second letter.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my credit report accurate.

I don’t know where you got the following accounts. They shouldn’t even be appearing on my file, from what I know (and I keep good track of my bills!) Oligopoly Bank #8002416522, First Illini Big 10 Loan #8002359292, Cellular Collections #8886254990, and Nationalist Financing #8882274653.

Please remove these with all haste.

Also, I noticed the late notations on the following are wrong: United Bank #46, First John Locke #2368 and Ben Franklin Visa #4447826782094765. Please check it out with the issuing banks and remove them when you confirm I am accurate.

Thank you for your attention. I apologize for being so angry. These mistakes/oversights on your part are costing me financially.

Thank you,

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cc: Congressman and friend to my family, John Duncan

Who is my congressman