10 Ways to Mobilize Your College Community
 for Credit Health

  1. Sign up for credit card dot org's Email Action Network and receive regular updates on credit card issues via e-mail. 

  2. Sign the college coalition for credit card healthy petition to President Bush. $10,000,000,000 saved! Coalition to Make March Credit Card Credit Healthy Month Sponsored by United College Marketing Services"

  3. Register to vote and vote (at least on an absentee basis). 

  4. Give credit card transaction recorders as credit card awareness gifts. 

  5. Cut and paste a letter to a local newspaper on an article or credit tip concept 
  6. Fix up your own credit report to see how easy it is to manipulate your credit report using our form letters.
  7. email or call your dean and ask, "why do you allow credit card tabling?" and "How much does the university make from sales of credit cards and why does the university sell its student list to direct mail houses that junk mail credit card applications with our personal info on themů 
  8. write a letter to the consumer news reporter 

  9. email NPR to ask them to publicize little known credit tips for college students similar to the ones credit card dot org has

  10. Host a local credit seminar by facilitating the seminar that you can download online.

  11. Ask your congressman to support, "Make March College Credit Card Healthiness Month"

  12. Join our council to "Make College a Safer Way to Start Your Credit History" (perform just one of the check boxed items and we'll send you a membership kit that includes a free t-shirt and a certificate!)

Who is my congressman

Who is my senator?