Emigrant Direct Cashback Visa

This Visa splashes cash back at up to 1.25%. The fine print indicates this is available ONLY with a $10,000 savings account minimum.

The good news is that your savings account rate is at 4.25%. The bank partner is Juniper bank with some gouge me fees for balance transfer of 3% of the amount of each transfer or check, $5 minimum, $50 maximum, Late Payment Charge of $25-39, Over Your Credit Line Charges of $25 -39.

This card is good if you're a grandfather that has no life volatility. Any financial volatility will wipe out your cash rebate gains and put you back where you started.

Grandpa, do not use this card in lieu of your Amex card when you go to Europe because there's a currency exchange fee of 2%.

If you choose and consume this product and want to submit a review, send it to questions at creditcard.org with EmigrantDirect in the subject line. Help others get the scoop on Juniper bank's credit card and share ins and out so others can know how sticky the late fees are.