Credit builder credit cards are hardly ever credit building

But I guess if they called it "Fee extracting" or "penalty paying" Mastercard they wouldn't sell as many.

That being said, lets look at Prime Mutual Prepaid Mastercard.

For starters there's an application fee and a monthly fee. But hey the 'good news' is that because they're charging you monthly there's no annual fee! Hahaahaaa, the annual fee comes out to over $70 ($5.95 x 12 months).

I am not going to detail all the fees but it'll amount to more than $200 if all goes well... I think.

The cloudiness continues with how credit is built. I have yet to see a credit booster or credit builder product really help your credit score or FICO score.

Credit building is tough but a good start is to get away from products that splash, "build your credit (by paying our fees)".