Dispute merchant charge on Providian credit card.

Hello,   I never pre-authorized a charge for a merchant service and the Providian Mastercard put me over the credit limit.

The merchant has been called and refuses to take action. I suffered additional fees from Providian charging me for the "over the limit" fee.

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

CreditCard.org OPINION (seek legal counsel on your own before taking any action):

First thing you have to know about credit disputes is that nothing happens when you talk on the phone. If you get it in writing you have a prayer, if you're talking on the phone, you have nothing but air.

First write a letter to Providian Credit Card company and dispute the merchant charge. Using a credit card provide you with better consumer protection than using cash because you're protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act that states: getting ripped off with a loan is more of a legal infraction than getting cash ripped off.

Use this letter below:

February 11, 2006

San Francisco CA 94107


Dear Providian,

I am writing to dispute fraudulent charge or "superlaptop.com".

I never signed a doc that marked the sale "final sale". The enclosed doc is the only receipt I signed. If you see the signature, it was cut and pasted onto the forged "final sale".

Please reverse the charge of $1507.

I never made this charges and would like to have them removed.


John Dee Cardholder