Credit Card Consolidation Scam

We've all seen the TV ads (which are expensive to aire): Consolidate and magically your payments drop and you're back on easy street.

I wish it were that easy to consolidate credit card debt. Repeat after me (and the FTC), "Credit Card Consolidators are not your friend". Credit Card Consolidators make lots of money even thought they're non-profit

Tactics that consolidators use are the same ones that you can execute. Common mistakes are:

1) Credit card bills got to a lower rate. They don't.

2) Credit card payments are reduced. Over promise and under delivered. Payments are reduced but fees are added in and term is EXTENDED.

3) It takes your high rate cards and makes them one low rate. Not true either.

4) "Trust us, we're a debt consolidation non-profit". The FTC with its limited resources, regularly investigates and tries to shut down "Credit Card Debt Consolidators"... why?! Because they prey on people that don't open their credit card bill for fear of shock and hope people look for the easy way out

5) A Credit Card Debt Consolidator doesn't help your credit, he hurts it.

Try doing a search on "Credit Card Debt Consolidators Scam"


If you're thinking about doing a home equity loan, don't.

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