John Schloot nominates Bank of America for the Lemon Award

My Bank of America Platinum Visa card was denied at a gas station recently. We pay in full each month and have NEVER been late. I called customer service and was informed that I had written a letter canceling the card.

Needless to say, I did not write the letter nor did the only other cardholder, my wife. They "agreed" to reinstate the cards (after being embarrassed at the gas station). I wanted to see this "letter" I had written and they switched me over to the proper department who said I would have to request it by writing a letter and faxing it in. This has been 3 months and no response, Not nice people. Thanks, John Schloot is still collecting Lemon Award Nominations for Bad Banking. Send them to . Award recipients will be publicized October 31, 2006 .

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