Orchard Bank Credit Card

HSBC Card Services d.b.a. Orchard Bank
P.O. BOX 80084
Salinas, CA 93912-0084
(503 )293-4037

From the disclosure box of Orchard Bank: "Annual fee varies from $39 - $79 depending on applicant's prior credit history". I recommend writing on the application. "please process only if I can get the $39 annual fee".

Build your credit with a bank that you bank with.

If you're part of the 45% of American's that don't qualify to have a bank account, your first goal should be to establish one.

When the industry leaders in "build your credit with this credit card" state, "The trick is charging a lot, repeatedly, for small doses of incremental credit", you know you're going to get a horrible deal.

The founder of sub-prime credit offers, such as Orchard Bank, questioned his colleagues, "Is any bit of food too small to grab when you're starving and when there is nothing else in sight?"