Diners Club Airline Program

Change from giving you points into giving you 1.25 cents per mile earned to spend on a coach or first class ticket.

America West, Continental, Northwest and US Airways (and United in April) no longer have points that you can transfer from Citibank Diners Club Mastercard

American and Delta are partners for Diners Club that still allow for points exchange.

Point Conversion Fee. There are now fees to convert miles from Diners Club points to miles. The fee is 9.5%. So for every 100 miles you earn on your Diners Club card, you lose 9.5 miles.

Diners Club "Mileage Conversion Rate" (MCR) . The new rules state that for every 100 miles you earn, you can earn a $1.25 credit into a purchased ticket.

Future coverage includes MCRs (Mileage Conversion Rate) for other card issuers and strategies for jockeying one against another.

Diners Club still has a strong CDW (collision damage waiver) program.