The Eight Minute Advocate

who is my congressman

who is my senator?

College students stand at some critical crossroads.

  • Colleges allow credit card solicitors onto campus freely and do not require credit education of the students that get sold a credit card
  • Direct mail to students (that contains private information) is OVERDONE and universities make money from selling lists of college students
  • College students have not had a vehicle to voice their outrage at predatory sales tactics until now… the eight minute advocate.

The Eight Minute Advocate section makes it easy to get involved and make your voice heard. Why is it called "The Eight Minute Advocate"? It takes about eight minutes to support the cause of "getting the word out about good credit". There is too much at stake in this critical year for college students to remain silent. 

Here you can quickly (we mean help by cutting and pasting ONLY! :) 

  • get an article in your school newspaper by cutting and pasting "previously unpublished" credit tips
  • contact Congress about current issues involving college students, and senate
  • cut and paste action/advocate letters to send to people that set policies and make decisions
  • send the Eight Minute Advocate page of tools and information to a friend. 

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